About Us


The club was established over 15 years ago. In 2009 we entered Division 4 of the Swim Ulster Provincial Towns League (PTL). In 2012 we came runner up in our Division and were promoted to Division 3. Then Omagh pool complex was closed for 2 years. We kept the club going, albeit with reduced membership, travelling to training in Strabane and Cookstown for 2 years while the Omagh pool was rebuilt. We returned to the amazing new Omagh Pool Complex in September 2014 and have been rebuilding the club ever since.

Current Endeavours

In 2018/19 season we retained our place in PTL Division 3 and this year we will compete against Lurgan, Sliabh Beagh, (Monaghan) Ballymoney and Dungannon in this division.

We also compete in the South West Minor League which is a junior league for developing swimmers. For the coming season, the other clubs in this League are Marlins,(Ballyshannon) Sligo and East Cavan.

We have had an increased number of swimmers taking part in Swim Ulster Development Galas. The club are committed to promoting participation in these galas during the coming year, by subsidising transport and assisting a coach to accompany swimmers.

Some of our swimmers also compete at Ulster and Irish qualifying level, and have achieved qualifying times for the 2018/19 season. Participating in the top level of competition in Ulster and Irish National level. 5 swimmers have qualified for Irish National division 2 in Limerick and 3 of those swimmers went on to qualify for National division 1 Irish age group championships. For the 2019/2020 season 5 children qualified for Ulster Short-course Championships and one swimmer is participation in Irish National Short-course championships. The qualifying stages for 2019/20 summer nationals will begin on the 1st January 2020.

Our young swimmers also have the opportunity to participate in Skills Meet and TalentID programmes.